Adventures in Scotland!

Hello friends!


[*all pictures used in this post were taken by me / are mine etc]

Normally I tend to write about my favourites and reviews and all that jazz because I can’t really think of much else. But this week I actually went out on adventures [with my dog, of course] so I thought I’d tell you guys about that, as well as include a few pictures because I don’t think words would be able to explain how amazingly beautiful these places were.

For those of you who don’t know, mainly because I’ve never really wrote much about myself, I live in Scotland aka the Land of Kilts and haggis and all those stereotypes! [As well as the latest Doctor, if you’re a Whovian, of course]. Despite living here all my life, I’ve never actually had a chance to go see a lot of the scenery, apart from maybe one or two places, but this week I managed to visit a few more places and see how amazing Scotland, especially Scottish nature [does that sound weird?] actually is.

The first two places I visited [on the Monday & Wednesday] were actually the same area, but there was 2 different paths I walked on, so it’s not actually as exciting as it sounds. HOWEVER, that’s not to say it still wasn’t pretty beautiful. I mean, I know the UK can be nice in terms of scenery but I didn’t imagine something as nice as this would be only 10 minutes away from my home! Not to mention my dog seemed to have a lot of fun! Basically we followed a canal either way, one was alongside farms and more near the road, and the other path was surrounded by more trees and had a few river boats as well as a lot more animals e.g swans etc. Personally, I think the second time we went [the second path with the boats] was a lot better than the first, all the trees made it look like some Disney movie, not to mention we didn’t get soaked in the rain like we did the first time. Plus, seeing all the Swans, as well as their babies was really cool, even though they did glare at us.

20622258_10213133996880255_3262131905088261478_n 20638169_10213134027641024_651426484658476119_n20638689_10213150411450609_4529952820749521062_n  20728268_10213150473212153_6332730346527176372_n

On the Tuesday, we managed to go even further than 10 minutes away because I was thankfully off work, not to mention the weather was amazing. Originally we planned to go to Burnt Island which is a little over an hour away, but decided to go to Silver Sands / Aberdour Beach in Fife. Normally I’m not a fan of beaches but this one was absolutely amazing, it wasn’t too big or anything, and the two food places it had were only a 2 second walk away. At first I was kinda worried in case my dog wouldn’t like it because normally she hates water / swimming but she actually surprised us all, not only did she want to walk in the sand constantly but when we took her to the water she jumped in herself and started swimming, it was amazing! I’d definitely recommend visiting if you have the chance because like I said, it was stunning as well as there being a grassy area nearby which my dog loved even more than the water. We let her off the lead and honestly thought she’d never come back, it was terrifying and hilarious at the same time, not to mention there was hundreds of other dogs nearby which made the experience even better! Especially as I got to pet them all!

20708162_10213143221710870_4354115621182977435_n 20622296_10213143223710920_7399541627249619246_n  20638279_10213143248271534_6133593372026009784_n20663863_10213143286472489_349645794693136417_n1 20637890_10213143289072554_8299023421450075143_n

Yesterday was my day off again and went up to Callander, which again, is only an hour or so away. Callander is a small-ish town, with another river and sort of nature walk, which again, was really cool. Especially because it was so quiet so there was lots of time to enjoy the views and stuff. It was like being in the middle of a 19th Century village with how the buildings look as well as being in the middle of Harry Potter with all the trees, especially when we headed to Loch Lubnaig afterwards. Loch Lubnaig is about 5 minutes away from Callander, and was my first time at a Loch so it’s safe to say I was pretty much in awe of how incredible it looked. I honestly didn’t know Scotland could look so nice, there were trees everywhere and log cabins across the water, I never wanted to leave, you’d never think it was so close to the road with how quiet it was and again, I’d definitely say you should try visit if you haven’t, especially if you don’t want to go further like Loch Lomand or Loch Ness etc. Plus, it’s another great place to take your pets, and was definitely enjoyable for my dog, especially hearing and seeing all the different animals like Highland cows and everything else!


Overall, I’d say this week has been pretty fantastic in terms of everywhere I’ve visited. Like I said, I never imagined Scotland could look this amazing, especially places this close to home and I’d recommend going to every place and more if you can. It was both relaxing and amazing to see what could be found in these places whether it be canals, log cabins or whatever else. Hopefully I get to go to similar places soon so I can write more posts like these, and as usual I hope you guys enjoy reading this! Until next time and stuff!


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